With Spring Comes Spring Cleaning…for Some People. This is the time of year that some people break loose from the cabin fever and head into the garage, basement, attic and closets to cleanse themselves of all of the stuff they no longer want or need. Often, people just start cleaning out and piling up, without realizing they have just moved the stuff into a new pile in a new location. What can you do with all the stuff now deemed “unwanted?” We recommend a small rental dumpster from Blue Box Rental. This approach makes it very easy to do away with the junk that no longer has value to you or your family. Basically a customer calls or emails (info@blueboxrental.com) Blue Box to reserve one of our residential dumpsters online; we deliver it; the customer discards all of the household junk; and we haul it away as soon as the customer is done. It really is that easy. And the experience is a great one for all involved. We love helping people “unload” the stuff that is burdening them and we get to see some of the craziest stuff that comes from the deepest and darkest corners of homes in the Hagerstown/Tri-state area.  A recent trip from a home to the Washington County Landfill featured Santa taking a ride in one of our dumpsters. It wasn’t enough that Santa hitched a ride, but once he arrived with his “bowl full of jelly, he stepped out and showed off some of the moves that make him a beloved icon. If you have any “interesting” guests or or just plain old junk that needs a ride to the local landfill, please let us be the one to […]