Rental dumpsters are often thought of as large containers that must be parked on the street or a nearby open lot. And while many are, Blue Box Rental specializes in dumpsters that fit into tight spaces, to get as close to the work site as possible. The experts at the Hagerstown, MD-based company know that some commercial — and residential — job sites are sometimes small, causing more headaches than most want to encounter in such a work zone. So if you’re in a tight space — be it size of area or a short deadline — Blue Box can help. That’s why we say that we always have the right-sized dumpster AND that we can deliver it within 24 hours. This is so the work crews won’t have to delay getting started or plan for making a “controlled mess” adjacent to the job site. Often the plan is to create a pile of debris that needs to be hauled away at the end of the job, when the dumpster is finally dropped of at the job site. We pride ourselves on providing rental dumpsters to make the job as easy as possible. We know the work is tough enough without having the inconvenience of scattered construction debris, that makes a job a longer and harder. Having the mess contained within the dumpster also makes for a safer area for the crew and those living near the work site. If you need information on renting a dumpster, please contact us here or call our Hagerstown office at 301-331-4117. Blue Box Rental  is proud to provide dumpster rentals in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the following zip codes: Big Pool MD 21711 | Boonsboro MD 21713 | Brownsville MD 21715 […]