This Time of Year Can Mean Big Family Changes as Some Children Head Off to College and Parents Consider Fall Projects and Cleaning. While most families struggle with big changes this time of year because of the end of another summer and the start of another school year, some families see their household change in numbers due to grown children heading off to college, out to work or embark on an independent life. This season of change is often a great time to make physical changes to the house. Whether it be knocking out a wall between two smaller bedrooms, cleaning out the basement or garage or doing a larger renovation, there will likely be a big mess that needs to be hauled to the landfill. This is where Blue Box Rental and its perfect-size dumpsters come in to help. They can deliver the roll-off (dumpster) and pick it up when the job is complete. There is no scattered mess and no worries about what the garbage men will take and NOT take from your curb. Contact us today to schedule your dumpster and have peace of mind when it comes to making your project as easy as possible.