Roof replacement can be a mess. And if you are doing it yourself, you don’t want to be thinking about clean up AFTER you are on the roof and starting to tear up that existing layer.¬†Instead of making five or six trips to the landfill, consider giving Blue Box a call to haul away your old shingles. BlueBox dumpsters are compact and can usually be placed to make loading your old shingles fairly easy. Other Tips: 1) Roofing shingle replacement is hard work and can be tiring if you are not used too it. Take breaks as needed and drink plenty of water. 2) It’s important to protect the shrubs and flower beds when doing the shingle tear off. Many people use light weight blue tarps from the local store for this purpose. Don’t leave the tarps on the plants for very long or the trapped heat will do damage. That may mean that your very next job around the house will be a “landscape do over.”